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Private bed and bathroom flat – great location, Manchester ,

£447 pppcm

£103 pppcw


Hello, my name is Lorena I live in a flat near the University of Manchester with one more flatmate. I’ll have to leave the flat by the end of March because of the pandemic but my tenancy agreement goes until August. So I’m looking for a girl that could replace me from April until the end of the contract (after that if you wish to stay longer you can arrange another contract with the landlord, he is a really nice person).

The flat is on the 4th floor of the building and the neighbors are very quiet. You will have your own bedroom and bathroom just having to share the kitchen/living room. The bedroom has a double bed, wardrobe, dresser and a mirror. It has a pretty good size for one person. The bathroom, kitchen and living room are all very nice. You would have your own place to storage your food and kitchen appliances. Also there is a fridge, washing machine, oven and cooktop so it’s fully equipped. Me and my flatmate keep the place very organized and tidy so we are looking for someone who would also do that.

The flat is located near the university of Manchester and there are different options of supermarkets nearby (walking distance). I’m only leaving earlier because of personal reasons but it’s a really nice apartment where you will have your own space but you can also interact with your flatmate when you want to. Please feel free to contact me for any questions and also if you want I can send you a video of the flat. Take care you all!

Ps.: £447 is the price of the rent without the bills. With bills included (Wi-Fi which we’ve already contract so you won’t need to pay for installation fees, electricity and water) the total is around £510 depending on how much you spent each month.

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